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Lichenvale is a first person slasher offering fast-paced melee combat mixed with tactical use of spells and dashing around your enemies developed by ex-Ubisoft employee gone solo dev. Finding yourself trapped in your own nightmares you must battle through nightmarish hordes of monsters representing your innermost fears. Successfully slashing your way out with your trusty longsword will fuel an array of destructive and defensive spells that you can unleash and wreak havoc on your enemies all while dashing or parrying enemy attacks. Features: Skill-based fast-paced melee combat in first person perspective with light and strong attacks for offense and parry and dash for defense Variety of destructive and defensive spells fueled by slashing up your enemies A large selection of progressively stronger enemies, each with their own fighting style Various orbs of power scattered across the nightmare which will permanently strengthen your character Campaign mode with ha

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